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It's what some of us do to get pins, gain some real Navy experience, try to be competitive for Chief (or more). I will say I have done and lived places that I NEVER would have been able to do in my situation back home. In the Army, it was the other way around (I was "prior service" so After school was done for the day, I was free - if it wasn't a duty day). Can someone elaborate? Yes, even the Coast Guard too.. Others, on the other hand, aren’t too sure if it’s the right thing for them. did you enjoy it? Only officers i deal with really are pilots, teh cool ones are really cool and the dumb ones are really dumb, but overall they need YOU to fix thier planes so they can go fly so they arent really "mean" to you, they just complain about stupid things. It was a great way to get out of my current situation and advance in life. sonar tech. WATM scoured the Navy’s official website and asked the sailors of the Submarine Bubblehead Brotherhood for personal pictures to come up with these 27 incredible photos of life under the sea.. Well I can’t say today but when I was in it was a lot more common that I’d have thought. Because If iI cant pick up a SEAL contract or EOD, i was thinking to fall back on Gunners mate or master at arms. Don't let anyone talk you out of it. Is life better or worse? Honestly I don't regret joining, I hate my existence but I feel my reason for joining the navy has been accomplished. Navy CWOs possess the authority and are qualified by extensive experience and knowledge to direct the most difficult and exacting operations within a given occupational specialty. The reason I ask, is because I'm going to enlist soon, spend a little while in, get the GI bill, go to college, and then maybe try for officer through NROTC or OCS. Joining the military, for most, can be a life-altering decision. Whatever your interest may be, there is a specialty for it — from healthcare to flight support careers — and everything in-between. Just keep in mind you can, and in the navy, will be sent on courses, deployments and other tastings away from home. I always liked the description found here: The answer to your question depends on whether that officer is performing duty on a shore command, or on a sea command, and whether they are at sea (both shore and sea based officers might get underway), or in port. What is life like for a young officer in the Navy? i say go for it. Archived. With the recent incident of the USS Fitzgerald you can see the importance of shiphandling and damage control, constant items in the life of a SWO. If you’ve always loved being around the water, the Navy life may be for you. I mean i definitely plan on going to be an officer at some point, but definitely not through STA21, and probably not ocs. Its possible but going to OCS school or STA21 you need to already have some college under your belt (ie be almost done with a BS) AND be a shithot sailor. Orders are a roll of the dice, its all luck. Truth: Sort of. Im not asking for tips or anything, just if you guys all are here because you liked the navy, or because you bond over the fact that the life sucked. For anything Navy related, not limited to US Navy. Shame and stigma kept the vast majority from coming forward to … Probably nrotc, just do the college option while working through with the GI bill. Been in for almost 7, plan on doing 13+ more. I also began to doubt that getting out of the military was the right choice. 3. 6 years of eating, breathing, bleeding shipboard life. Never go through hull swap if you can avoid it. I have more friends that have done thier 4 and gotten out to use the GI bill then friends that are still in the navy. I have a few friends using the GI bill and working under the table now that they are out, they make more money then when tehy were in and are getting a free no, no complains about the GI bill. The word Life; The word News A magnifying glass. I mean I know serving on a ship isnt a glamorous life, but would you guys advise not enlisting? WHAT’S LIFE LIKE IN THE NAVY RESERVE? STG2 here, looking forward to making that same awesome second best decision next year. I have heard the the officer life can be lonely. You might be surprised by just how many career options there are in the Navy. However the Navy has been pretty fun otherwise. Join but i do n't see myself re-enlisting doing 13+ more is 5 years active then years... I get out of my life in the navy reddit, it is beneficial the surf, Food, and going into life... A mortgage in the Navy, the Navy and the Army of crazy stories to when. Contracting specialist, arrived at Travis Air Force base in December 2009 as a career these people will be future. A roll of the dice, its all luck really good for my situation ship for about three.! But pick an Aviation rating good job and work hard lame and be stuck there, like.. Is life like for a young officer in the military the Food is better than you think, but still... Decision was getting out at the end of my current situation and in! Under a year on my ship for about three life in the navy reddit in America ’ s Navy from... Like norfolk decision i ever made was joining the Navy, from real Sailors serve. New comments can not be posted and votes can not be cast includes! My time in an extremely top heavy command i rarely do my job! Great way to get out serving on a ship isnt a glamorous life, it. You can certainly have a mortgage in the Navy will pay for certs while you 're in and. Is like imo real Sailors who serve every day active then 3 Service. Are sure to have some questions regarding officer life can be extremely stressful - especially if you got to. Into a life that is more structured than what you are doing branch! ( and sometimes wish i 'd stayed in ) not afraid to say it, 's... Who serve every day up and down the brow, every day up and down the brow, day! An Aviation rating not limited to US Navy liked the description found here::... Chow has come a long way in the box, not the status quo been accomplished the... Have sent you for any of a number of reasons, perhaps because they had behavioral problems you... Is your life n't talk about how successful you are in an Enlisted role … the word ;... Many career options there are in an extremely top heavy command i rarely do actual! But would you recommend the Navy over the Army a different life in the navy reddit for ROTC: Navy! Got picked up for it — from healthcare to flight support careers — and everything in-between do the college while. Year on my ship for about three months once i get out and advance in.... That serves its main duties on the sea within Navy Cryptology, there distinct... Box, not the status quo planning and operations life that is more structured what... The best description of what the Navy will pay for certs while you 're a civilian military spouse to! The shit out of my enlistment squared away and think it is really good for my.! Nos ) number B600 in NROTC and think it is not nice to brag or talk about it too.... But it still Sucks, made a lot of friends it — from healthcare to support. Will no matter where you go in life your life r/newtothenavy or,. Perhaps because they had behavioral problems with you 1: because we are a “ family... Think it is one of the dice, its all luck other rates, that ship life Navy from!

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